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Whyville Cheats/Free Clams

Tips and Cheats

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Hello, and welcome first of all... DO YOU WANT FREE CLAMS? Well this is the newest cheat site! City Hall invites you to the wide world of Whyville. I'm here today, tormarrow, and forever to say... are you being hacked on Whyville? Or (you'll like this one) are you low on clams? Well with a few clicks of a button we can help you!

Our Mission

The purpose of this was to help fellow "Whyvillians" in their Whyville expirence. You can read on about our non-scam bussiness and "clam-raiser". PLease, follow typed in instructions bellow:

1. Send your user name and password into the box on the very bottom of the screan(our filter Whyvillian)

2. Type in a quick sentence to comfirm what you need help with such as: That you need a scam free inbox or how many clams you would like while stating you username and password.

3. Thank all the other Whyvillians for donating clams and cheats to our fliter accout that sends out the clams.

4. Enjoy a Akbar's shopping spree a living the Whyville dream!

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Organization News

So far we have helped 42 Whyvillians in just 2 weeks! This site is a little on the "down-low" no trying to get to much bussiness. So. please email us by scrolling down and filling in the form (do not worry not personal info it required) and we'll make your account a hack free place (please be sure that updating your account might take from 1 to 5 days to upload) AND FREE CLAMS


Hello, again... i would just like to tell you of our new promo idea. The most active member (sending us your password and username the most every week will recieve 5 free RARE face parts and an extra 5000 clams.


You may ask do I HAVE to send in my password? What if this is a scam? Well what you do is mail us (in the boxes bellow) stating that you need a promo code. Give us a number between 4 and 7 numbers and if we dont respond in the next hour you may use it. What you do is have your friends send us their passwords and usernames. Ask them to mention your promo code in the comment box. If you get 5 active people we'll send you 10000 clams without sending your password.

Below is a contact address to one of our fliter members where you may send in your form, sorry this is not not approved yet.

sorry this is not approved of fellow City Workers yet.

Type your Whyville Username here
Here type in your Whyville Password
Do you have more than 500 clams? (optional)
What is your daily salary? (optional)
Do you have a promo code? (optional)
Is you do have a promo code what is it? (optional)

Thank you for your cooperation! You will recieve ur clams and enjoy them!!!!

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